Nathan Chen accepted into Yale

Nathan Chen accepted into Yale

Nathan Chen first added "Yale '22" to his Instagram account before word got out. The world figure skating champion has been accepted to Yale and he intends to start classes at the prestigious Ivy League University this fall.

"Going to Yale next fall is the goal right now," Chen said to "I am going to Bulldog Days, where I will talk about everything and try to figure things out."

Bulldog days are a three-day information session for newly admitted Yale students.

Yale officials confirmed Chen's acceptance but the 18-year-old American, who applied to several universities, has until May 1 to finally decide if plans to begin his college career with the 2018 fall semester.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

The Olympic bronze medallist has already expressed his desire to compete at Beijing 2022.

Not only is he keen to juggle both his skating career and college, he also wants to continue working with Rafael Arutunian, who has coached him since he was 11.

The problem: Aruntian is based in Los Angeles, Yale University is in New Haven, Connecticut, some 4625 km away.

A long-distance coaching relationship is far from ideal. Chen would like to give it a go anyway.

"That's the idea, but I still have to talk to Raf about it," Chen said to "Ultimately, the only thing (certain) right now is that I have been admitted to Yale, and I still want to continue skating."

But what if....?

But what if it turns out to be too difficult to balance college and skating obligations? Would early retirement be an option?

"I don't think so," he revealed to "I'm just barely (two seasons) at the senior level, and I feel like I have a lot more to do in the sport. I don't think it's my time to retire yet."

Chen made history at PyeongChang 2018 where he clinched Team bronze and became the first skater to land five clean quads during the Olympics.

At the World Figure Skating Championships in Milan he won gold completing six quadruples in the short programme to end his season on a high.

He is currently in Florida training for the 22-city Stars on Ice Tour which kicks off on Friday.

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