National shooting selection trials: Tejaswani clinches women’s 25-metre rapid fire pistol event

With a score of 551, she won convincingly against runner-up Niveditha Nair

By Samrat Chakraborty ·

Tejaswani, hailing from Haryana, grabbed the top spot in the women's 25-metre rapid fire pistol event with a score of 551 in the third National shooting selection trials at the Dr Karni Singh Range, on Saturday.

She was emphatically ahead of second-placed Niveditha Nair of Tamil Nadu, who managed to score 538. Neeraj Kaur of BSF finished third with 534.

In the first series, Nair was ahead as she scored 98 twice. While Tejaswani could manage only 94. But in the following two sets, the latter made a comeback.

In the second series, she shot a 90 followed by a 95. But Nair slipped and could manage only 87 and 89. In fact, Kaur put up a better show than Nair with scores of 93 and 91.

In the third series, Tejaswani hit the 94 and 84 respectively to finish with a score of more than 550.

Nair shot the worse of her three series with a 77 and her final attempt of 89 was not good enough to grab the top spot. However, Kaur could not take advantage of her slip in form, scoring 84 and 75 to finish third.

Arunima Gaur of Uttar Pradesh came fourth with 531.10 while Anisa Sayyed of Haryana came fifth.

Previously, Elavenil Valarivan of Gujarat shot 253 to set a new world record in the course of her winning the T3 10m air rifle event.

On Wednesday, Divyansh Singh Panwar also created a world record in the men's category of the same event by hitting 253.1.

In the Men's 50m rifle 3 positions event Sanjeev Rajput continued his stellar performance as he not only topped the qualifiers with a score of 1176 but also emerged victorious in the finals with a resounding score of 462.2.