All you need to know about the 2019 Asian Table Tennis Championships

A one-stop guide to the schedule and streaming avenues for the Asian Table Tennis Championships

By Saurabh Shankar ·

All eyes will turn to Yogyakarta’s GOR Among Rogo Stadium this weekend as the 2019 ITTF-ATTU Asian Table Tennis Championships kicks off on Sunday (September 15). India’s table tennis elites like Sathiyan Gnanasekaran, Manika Batra, and Sharath Kamal will be participating in this tournament, which will also serve as an Olympic qualifier competition with quota places up for grabs in each category.


The tournament in Indonesia will have participants plying their trade in six different categories - men’s team, women’s team, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, men’s singles and women’s singles.

The team events will be conducted first from Sunday (September 15), with participating nations being divided into eight groups for the women’s team and nine groups for the men’s team events. The finals for the women’s team event will be played on September 17 while the men’s team final will be held the next day.

On September 18, the women’s singles games are slated to begin with 64 participants taking to the court for the first round of the knockout games, alongside the men’s doubles’ first rounds.

The men’s singles, on the other hand, are scheduled to be played the following day, coinciding with the women’s doubles. The finals for these two categories will be played on September 22, while the women’s singles and men’s doubles finals will be played a day prior.

The draws for the individual events as well as the groups for the team events will be held on September 14 at 2:00pm Indian Standard Time (IST).

Where can I watch the Championships?

The entire tournament will be streamed on the ITTF website, in the itTV section. Matches of all tables can be streamed through itTV. Users will, however, have to create a free account by giving their email credentials and setting up a password to be able to access itTV. Link here:

Apart from this, the matches of the main table will be made available on YouTube on the official ITTF channel:

Each day, the games are scheduled to start at 8:30am IST and can be expected to go on late into the evening.