Olympic Daily News: 30 May 2020! Figure skater's brave message and NBA's reggaeton star

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By Ken Browne ·

'Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, it’s bobsled time!'

Who remembers the brilliant 'Cool Runnings' film about Jamaica's pioneer bobsled team?

Today's team have come up with a new way to train during lockdown: Pushing a Mini Cooper around the streets of Peterborough in England.

“We had to come up with our own ways of replicating the sort of pushing we need to do," says Shanwayne Stephens, shoving a mini down a main road with Nimroy Turgott.

One of the problems they keep running into is British politeness!

"We’ve had people run over, thinking the car’s broken down, trying to help us bump-start the car," laughs Stephens.

"When we tell them we’re the Jamaica bobsleigh team, the direction is totally different, and they’re very excited.”

Carlos Arroyo: Baila Reggaeton

And if the Jamaican vibe got you in dancing mood, then ex-NBA player Carlos Arroyo can help.

Arroyo went from setting up LeBron to Reggaeton and is killing it!

He spent 9 years in the NBA including the 2010-11 season at the Miami Heat where he was starting point guard shifting the ball to Lebron James as often as he could!

He became a hero back home in Puerto Rico when he led the national team to a shock win over Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson, and Carmelo Anthony's Dream Team at Athens 2004.

But now he's taken his fame to another level as a 'reggaetonero'.

He released 'Baila Reggaeton' (Dance Reggaeton) in March, featuring big names Zion & Lennox, and already has over 4.6 million hits on YouTube.

Dwayne Wayde loves it!

What's that you say? More basketball?

Very well.

You can watch the USA Dream Team featuring Jordan and Magic Johnson against Puerto Rico at the Barcelona 1992 Olympics.

And how Argentina's Golden Generation featuring Manu Ginobili and Luis Scola upset the Athens 2004 Dream Team to win gold.

Guillaume Cizeron's powerful message

French figure skater Guillaume Cizeron said it loud and proud on the front page of national newspaper 'L'Equipe'.

"I just don't want to say 'I'm gay' but I also want to help educate," reads the headline.

The 25-year-old Olympic silver medallist from PyeongChang 2018 has had a lot of messages of support, including this one from fellow French athlete Clarisse Agbegnenou.

The Rio 2016 judo silver medallist congratulated him for his strength in going public like this, and also said the newspaper was "superb" for putting this on their front page.

Bravo Guillaume!

You can watch his PyeongChang performance with ice dance partner Gabriella Papadakis here:

Papadakis and Cizeron (FRA) - Silver Medal | Free Ice Dance

The free ice dance competition took place at the Gangneung Ice Arena on Tue...

Mo Salah's ready

Egypt Olympic and Liverpool star Mo Salah has clearly spent quarantine doing sit-ups.

Look at those abs!

He's clearly ready for the return of football.

That line in the middle, shadow or permanent marker? 🧐

We think we'll give Mo the benefit of the doubt!

Looking to up your own ab game?

Choose from these workouts by Olympians.

Olympic Trivia!

The answer to yesterday's trivia question is number 4. 72.

Swedish shooter Oscar Swahn was 72 when he won silver at the 1920 Olympic Games, making him the oldest person ever to win an Olympic medal.

Today's brain workout is this:

Which 5-time gold medalist played Tarzan in 12 movies?

  1. Ian Thorpe
  2. Aleksandr Popov
  3. Mark Spitz
  4. Johnny Weissmüller

Dogs of the day

And to finish off, if you haven't been following the brilliant sports commentator Andrew Cotter and his now famous dogs Olive and Mabel, you're really missing out.

Here they are taking a break from all the fame:

And here they are making their owner wish he had a cat.