Olympic Daily News: 31 May 2020! Medvedeva's Kendall Jenner portrait and Shaun White's new 'do'

Get your daily update of Olympic news: Trivia, trends and talking points. Today figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva posts Kendall Jenner portrait and Vampire Diaries' star Nina Dobrev scares boyfriend Shaun White.

Shaun White might be fearless on the snowboard halfpipe, but when girlfriend Nina Dobrev who stars in the Vampire Diaries breaks out the scissors to cut his hair...

Things could get bloody.

"Adding to resume," she says in her post, White's face getting whiter.

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Adding to resume: hairdresser ✂️

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With no access to hairdressers in coronavirus lockdown, people have been getting creative in quarantine.

So how did Nina Dobrev do?

Judge for yourself!

The three-time Olympic gold medallist posted the new 'do' on his Instagram, it's the first time the couple have gone public with their relationship.

White has given up on his ambition to compete in skateboard at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 to focus on making the Beijing 2022 Winter Games USA snowboard team and defending his Olympic title.

White could make it an unbelievable fourth gold medal victory at the Winter Games in China.

  • Shaun White grabs Men's Halfpipe Gold on his very last run | Snowboard

    Shaun White grabs Men's Halfpipe Gold on his very last run | Snowboard

Evgenia Medvedeva does Kendall Jenner portrait

Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva has been getting all creative in quarantine too.

Her portfolio includes digital sketches of popstar Billie Eilish and fellow skater Satoko Miyahara.

Check out this cool portrait she's done of Instagram megastar Kendall Jenner.

Jenner has an Olympic gold medallist in the family, her father Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn Jenner, won the 1976 Montreal Olympics decathlon gold medal.

Caitlyn Jenner is one of the most well known transgender women in the world thanks to the family's reality TV series 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'.

She is also an activist for transgender rights.

No doubt the Olympic silver medallist is dying to get back on the ice, but for now she's exploring her artistic side.

Dina Asher-Smith: Running with deer

On the day that Space X and Elon Musk launched NASA astronauts into orbit aboard Falcon 9, back on earth athletics star Dina Asher-Smith was training with some new running partners.

Dina was out of this world in 2019:

First she stunned Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce to win the 100m Diamond League title in Brussels in September, then she won Great Britain's first ever sprint global gold with her 200m win at the Doha World Championships in October.

In 2020 Asher-Smith was looking for ways to stay in Olympic-winning form, and she's taken on some new training partners:

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hola from me + my new training partners 🦌

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“Running in a park and among deer is definitely not what I would normally be doing," the world champ tells BBC's Gabby Logan ahead of the airing of the BBC's 'How Dina and Kat Struck World Gold.'

"My normal training programme consists of a lot of gym, a lot of short, sharp and powerful things, it was strange but it was a peaceful change,” Asher-Smith said.

Dina has also been showing her strong fashion game in quarantine.

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locked down so we’re slaying @ home 🤧

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John John Florence and Carissa Moore back surfing

Life's a beach once more for USA Olympic surfers John John Florence and Carissa Moore.

Both are back catching waves after restrictions on water sports were lifted.

We love John John's caption. 😂

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I’m not good with captions

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Both Moore and Florence have made the USA Olympic surf team for the Tokyo Olympics and are contenders to win those first ever surf Olympic golds in Japan.

Surfing makes its debut at the Tokyo Games.

  • Exclusive! Carissa Moore: How failing has made me a better surfer

    Exclusive! Carissa Moore: How failing has made me a better surfer

Olympic Trivia!

It's that time again.

Yesterday we asked which 5-time gold medalist played Tarzan in 12 movies, and the answer is of course:

Johnny Weissmüller, the United States swimming legend who won five gold medals in the 1920's.

Here's today's mind-melter:

Which unusual event was part of the 1912 Olympic Games? (Guess before you Google 😉)

  1. Cooking
  2. Ironing
  3. Theatre
  4. Literature

Dog of the Day

Italy's swimming Olympic champion Federica Pelligrini is celebrating a very special second birthday for her dog today.

Happy birthday Vanessa!

The six-time world champion recently got another French bulldog to keep her company: Rocky!

Did you know what actress Pellegrini would like to play herself in a movie about her career?

Watch the video and find out!

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