Rikako Ikee released from hospital for short visit with family

The Japanese swimming star has resumed light exercise in her hospital room, despite receiving treatment for leukaemia

By Sven Busch ·

Japanese swimming star Rikako Ikee, who has been battling leukaemia since February, was discharged from hospital in late May to spend a few days with her family.

"While I was away from the hospital, I spent relaxing days, enjoying meals with my family and getting lots of fresh air," the 18 year old revealed on her website on Wednesday.

She posted a picture of herself smiling with her siblings.

Ikee has since been readmitted for further treatment. Her management agency said she has been experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy.

"Treatment is ongoing, and there are days I don't feel so well. On those days, I just wait for time to pass and somehow manage to survive. I stay motivated by setting a post-discharge goal for myself," Ikee said.

Rikako Ikee's message on her homepage

Light exercise on stationary bike

Ikee's coach Jiro Miki revealed that she has begun light exercise on a stationary bike, that was brought in to her hospital room.

"She is getting better day by day. She's really battling it with a positive mindset, so sometimes she even gives me energy," Miki said to Kyodo News.

"I'm really impressed."

She has even enrolled at Nihon University's College of Sports Sciences, despite ongoing treatment.

Ikee declared in March she is not giving up on her Tokyo 2020 dream. Last year she became the first female athlete to win six gold medals at the Asian Games.

Rikako Ikee at Rio 2016

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