Get your tickets to see Lausanne 2020 action. They cost... nothing!

Tickets for the Opening Ceremony went on sale on 21 November, but it won't cost you anything to see the rest of the Winter Youth Olympic Games

By Rory Jiwani ·

Lausanne 2020 has a very simple principle: The Youth Olympic Games are for everyone.

That ethos is highlighted in the ticketing prices for the Games, or rather the lack of it.

Q: How much will it cost to see 1,880 athletes from over 70 countries compete at the Winter Youth Olympic Games?

A: Nothing. Nada. Zero.

That's right. Every sports event will be free to enter.

For outdoor competitions, access will be unrestricted. You can literally just turn up!

For indoor sports, Youth Olympic Games (YOG) tickets are limited.

You'll need to register via the Lausanne 2020 website with details here.

Three of these disciplines are in the Swiss city of Lausanne itself, with figure skating and short track speed skating in the Skating Arena, and ice hockey in the Vaudoise Arena.

Curling is in Champery just over 30km south of the host city.

Registration for admission to indoor events opened at 11:00am local time (10:00 GMT) on 21 November so get them before they go!

In fact, the only tickets you will need to pay for at Lausanne 2020 are for the Opening Ceremony in the Vaudoise Arena on 9 January.

These were also available from 11am CET (10:00 GMT) on 21 November.

There are three price brackets for adults starting at 59 CHF (60 US$) with further seating available for 79 CHF (80 US$) and 99 CHF (100 US$).

There are also family tickets, which cover minimum one adult and one child and maximum two adults and three children. These are priced at 59 CHF (60 US$) per adult, with the children's tickets costing 20.20 CHF (20.50 US$).

Opening ceremony tickets also include free local travel for several hours either side of the event.

Doors will open at 6pm local time (1700 GMT) with the spectacular - bearing the theme 'Home' and featuring all the symbolic elements of the Games including the lighting of the Olympic cauldron - scheduled to run from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

As at recent Winter Olympic Games, medal-winning athletes will celebrate their success twice - once at their event venue, and then at a Victory Ceremony in either the Flon district medal plaza in the heart of Lausanne or St Moritz where they will receive their medals.

Parties will follow the Victory Ceremonies every evening with concerts and DJs and, again, they're free and open to everyone.

The same goes for the Closing Ceremony which will be a public celebration in the Flon on 22nd January, before the athletes go off for their own party on the grounds of the Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne.

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Lausanne will host the Winter Youth Olympic Games 2020.

How to get to Lausanne 2020 Events

A total of 16 disciplines are being contested at the Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympics, with competitions in Switzerland and the Alps, and planning ahead is advised to maximize the number of sports events you can watch live.

Public transport is strongly advised for getting to the Opening Ceremony with large crowds expected and car parking at a premium.

Click here for transport and ticketing details for the Opening Ceremony.

For getting to events taking place in the host city, there will be special buses with spectators able to buy discounted travelcards on the Lausanne 2020 website.

All competition venues outside Lausanne can be accessed via public transport.

A special transport app, available from December 2019, can be downloaded from the Lausanne 2020 website or app.

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And if you can't be at Lausanne, don't forget that extensive coverage of the action is available to watch globally on Olympic Channel from 9th to 22nd January 2020.


9 - 22 Jan 2020

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