Speed skating heading to a frozen lake at Lausanne 2020

The event will take place on a frozen lake in St. Moritz at the Winter Youth Olympic Games.

By Michael Hincks ·

Speed skating promises to be a spectacle at Lausanne 2020.

Athletes will be competing for gold in St. Moritz, the historic Alpine resort which has hosted two Winter Olympics.

But it gets better – the speed skating will take place outdoors on a frozen lake.

The lake has played host to golf, cricket and polo events in the past, and now the impressive venue is gearing up for the lung-busting sport that is speed skating.

Scroll down to find out more about speed skating ahead of the Youth Olympic Games this month.

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How to watch speed skating at Youth Olympic Games

Olympic Channel will stream 300 hours of action from the 13 days of competition in Lausanne 2020 with a dedicated Winter YOG channel available on olympicchannel.com, YouTube and connected devices such as Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android TV and Roku.

There will be an action-packed daily live show featuring news, highlights, trending stories and interviews in a fun and interactive format streamed on Facebook, Twitter and olympicchannel.com, plus a daily Olympic Channel Podcast featuring insightful interviews with personalities from across the Olympic world.

Fans can also follow Olympic Channel's coverage on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to learn more about the event, while a full schedule of events - including online streaming details can be found here.

Speed skating location and dates

The speed skating takes place in St Moritz from January 12-16 at Lausanne 2020. (Scroll down for full schedule)


9 - 22 Jan 2020

Lausanne 2020 | Youth Olympic Games


The 500m and 1500m events

Both the men’s and women’s 500m and 1500m races see skaters race in pairs. One skater starts on the inside lane, the other on the outside lane, and they only switch lanes at the crossing straight.

The skater who posts the fastest time wins.

How does the mass start work?

The women’s and men’s mass start races are 4000m long – 10 laps each.

There is an intermediate sprint after five laps, which sees the first three skaters receiving 5-3-1 points accordingly.

The final sprint ultimately decides the medals, with the first three skaters over the line receiving 30, 20 and 10 points in that order.

Those who scored in the intermediate sprint but not the final sprint can place fourth through to sixth, even if they finish off the pace in the final sprint.

Skaters without race points are then placed based on where they finished in the final sprint, and then on how many laps completed if they do not finish the race.

The Mixed NOC Team Sprint

The Youth Olympic Games has sought to bring nations together, and speed skating is no exception.

The Mixed NOC Team Sprint will see 14 teams comprised of four athletes – all from different NOCs.

Each skater completes one lap of the 400m course, with two teams taking part in each heat.

There is only one competition lane in place, while the fastest overall time wins gold.

Speed skating schedule for Lausanne 2020

Sunday, January 12

11:00 - 14:00 - Women's/Men's 500m

Monday, January 13

11:00 - 14:00 - Women's/Men's 1500m

Wednesday, January 15

11:00 - 12:00 - Mixed NOC Team Sprint

Thursday, January 16

11:00 - 12:00 - Women's/Men's Mass Start