They're here! Tokyo 2020 reveals magical Olympic and Paralympic Mascots

Their personalities are opposite, but they're great friends

The mascots are here! Tokyo 2020 have revealed the winning designs for their official Olympic and Paralympic Mascots.

But there is still more to come!

The pair - who apparently have opposite personalities but are very good friends - have yet to be named.

Winning design

The designs were chosen after a vote involving thousands of Japanese school children.

From an initial entry of more than 2000 designs submitted by the public, three sets were put forward to be voted on by the children.

The winning mascots were the brainchild of Ryo Taniguchi, a character illustrator and designer from Fukuoka in southern Japan.

“This means a lot, especially in Japan," said Ryohei Miyata, Chair of the Mascot Selection Panel.

"I cannot wait to see these two characters coming to life in the stadiums, on the streets and on TV."

Tradition and innovation

Japan is a land of tradition and innovation and both ideas have been captured in the characters.

First up we have the Olympic mascot. A futuristic, athletic-looking blue and white chequered figure with pointy ears and doughy blue eyes.

It has a strong sense of justice and has a special power to move anywhere instantaneously.

It’s Paralympic counterpart also sports bold checks but an eye-catching cherry colour – an ode to the country’s famous blossom trees.

This is a calmer being who is in touch with nature, and apparently has the ability to move objects just by looking at them.

It can also talk with the stones and the wind.

After the success of Soohorang and Bandabi at PyeongChang 2018, Tokyo 2020 has delivered two new exciting new arrivals into the mascot world.

We can't wait to meet them!

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