This has to be the best golf ball marker of all time

US Curler Matt Hamilton is at it again

US Olympic curling champion Matt Hamilton has pulled off an all-time move on the golf course.

Wearing an outfit that would have brought approving nods from the men's Norwegian Curling team (it's LOUD), Hamilton took part in the BMW Charity Pro-am event in South Carolina.

After a nice approach shot to the green, the curler pulled out what is surely THE best ball marker of all time.

His gold medal from PyeongChang 2018. Have a look:

New friend

That wasn't the end of it for Hamilton.

His aim with a curling stone may be a picture of precision, but the same cannot be said from a tee box.

The American shanked a shot into a resident's house bordering the course.

But hey, that was just an opportunity to make new friends.

After managing a very respectable tie for seventh on the leaderboard, Hamilton explained why he decided to use his prized possession as a ball mark:

Team of rejects

Hamilton was part of the 'team of rejects' from the US who enjoyed a fairytale run all the way to Olympic gold in Korea.

Since then, a smile has barely left his ruggedly-mustachioed face.

And who can blame the lefty for savouring the moment for all its worth?

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