How to buy Tokyo 2020 tickets in India

Find out how you can secure Olympic tickets in India.

By Sandeep Banerjee ·

The 2020 Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo, Japan from July 24 to August 9, and so far, a healthy crop of Indian athletes have qualified for the event, with shooting alone seeing at least 15 qualifiers already booking their place.

So, if you haven't already secured your tickets for the Games, here’s how you can do it.

With the Tokyo 2020 organisers keen that the majority of the tickets go to local fans, around 30 percent of the tickets have been reserved for international spectators.

Best place to buy Tokyo 2020 Olympic tickets

The first phase of selling those allocated tickets is being carried out by Authorised Ticket Resellers, or ATRs. Each National Olympic Committee (NOC) has been assigned an ATR, and fans must purchase their tickets through the ATR in their nation of residence.

Fanatic Sports have been assigned as India's ATR. You can head over to their website and register your interest.


There will also be a first-come, first-served phase for fans in Japan and abroad, scheduled to start sometime in spring 2020, where you can purchase tickets directly from the official website.

Apart from that, the third course of action also opens up from spring 2020, when ticket holders unable to attend can put their tickets up for sale on the ticket resale service on the official ticket website, enabling you to purchase them.

Tokyo 2020 ticket prices

Single ticket prices for the opening and closing ceremonies range from JPY 12,000 (INR 7,852) to JPY 300,000 (INR 1,96,300), while group tickets are at JPY 2,020 (INR 1,322), and wheelchair tickets cost between JPY 12,000 (INR 7,852) to JPY 45,000 (INR 29,445*).

Prices for shooting tickets will vary between JPY 2,500 (INR 1,636) and JPY 5,500 (INR 3,599), depending on the event.

Identity importance

Do note that identification may be asked at the venue, so tickets you purchase must be registered in the name of the individual expected to attend the competitions, as the name will be printed on the ticket. In case of any changes to the registered ticket user, please be sure to update the information at the 'My Ticket' page on the official ticket website.

Demand is expected to be high, evident by the fact that the organisers had to extend the ballot registration for Japanese fans, with reportedly over 8 million registrations by residents of Japan and more than 24 million hits received on the ticketing website between May 28 and June 20 alone.

*All prices mentioned in Indian Rupees (INR) are approximate and subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuations.