Unmissable: the best Olympic Channel figure skating Originals

'Anatomy of a figure skater', Ice Hockey vs Figure skating, Katarina Witt, and Why Figure Skaters Don't get Dizzy: don't miss these original productions.

With the world in the grip of figure skating fever as the likes of Alina Zagitova, Nathan Chen and Yuzuru Hanyu set the stadium alight at the ISU World Championships in Saitama, Japan, we give you six of the finest Olympic Channel figure skating Originals to watch while they are clearing the ice.


Anatomy of a figure skater

Ever wondered what it is that makes Yuzuru Hanyu special? Are figure skating champions born champions or is it the work they put in that brings them to the top of the game?

Nature vs. Nurture... On ice.

Six of the world's top athletes show us what it takes to become a world-class figure skater, including Olympic finalist Mae Berenice Meite, who reveals her hidden powers.

Why figure skaters don't get dizzy

How is it possible to spin four times in the air at that speed and pull off impossible combinations without falling on your face?

Find out here.

Legends live on: Katarina Witt

Born in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Katarina Witt became a figure skating sensation when she won Olympic gold at Sarajevo 1984 at just 18 years of age.

She doubled down by successfully defending her title at Calgary 1988.

But Witt wasn't just technically brilliant, she brought a theatrical, emotional element to her skating, her powerful performance to Carmen's Bizet in Calgary's iconic 'Battle of the Bizet's' is historic and her swansong in 1994 at the Winter Games in Lillehammer was just as moving.

Witt left an indelible mark on figure skating and has since gone on to do some incredible things off the ice too.

Anna & Ondrej's dance of life

The beauty of figure skating belies the years of work and countless hours on the practice rink.

This devotion to a sport can leave the best in the world with little time for their personal lives, but when a figure skater falls in love with a figure skater, they can at least understand each other.

Italian figure skater Anna Cappellini and her Czech-born partner Ondřej Hotárek tell us all about what it's like to live and love on the ice.

Figure Skating vs. Ice Hockey

Figure skaters not tough enough for hockey? Hockey players no finesse for figure skating?

Three-time Olympian and NHL hockey player Herbert Vasiljevs from Latvia faces off against Italy's Valentina Marchei, an Olympic figure skater.

The Olympic Channel Originals series 'Sports Swap' sets out to challenge everything you thought you knew about sport.

Hitting the Wall

Fitness influencer Karen Elle and personal trainer Carmen Morgan are put through their paces by 2014 world champions and Olympians Luca Lanotte and Anna Cappellini.

Think you could handle an Olympic workout?

A quintuple jump - is it even possible?

A quint is a figure skating jump with five full body rotations in the air.

No-one has ever landed one, many think no-one ever will.

Landing it would be a revolution, Yuzuru Hanyu has said he wants to attempt it and another Japanese superstar skater - Shoma Uno - tells us if he thinks a quint is possible.

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