Usain Bolt makes debut for pro football team

The eight-time Olympic sprint champ made a substitute appearance in the 71st minute for Central Coast Mariners

Far away from Beijing’s Bird’s Nest, London’s Olympic Stadium, or Rio’s Maracanã, the 100m and 200m world-record holder Usain Bolt made his first appearance for a professional football team on Friday.

The eight-time Olympic medallist made his debut for Central Coast Mariners as a substitute at a half-full ground in a town just north of Sydney.

Jamaican sprint hero Bolt 's appearance comes during his trial period with the Australian club.

He's hoping to impress the bosses enough to secure a permanent contract before the A-League season starts in October.

"I personally feel I will have a contract by then and I will be playing much more time. It's just about working and taking my time but I think in four months I should be ready and be one of the boys," - Usain Bolt in the post-match press conference.

After 10,000 fans repetitively chanted: "We want Bolt," the Jamaican came onto the field as a 71st-minute replacement for the Australian professional club in their pre-season friendly against amateur side Central Coast Select.

The Mariners were leading 6-0 at the time.

Six minutes after being introduced, his team let in a goal and the game ended 6-1.

Fans will have to wait a little longer to see Bolt scoring a goal.

After the game Bolt described his experience in the press conference, saying: "I think before I came on, the first three to five minutes, [I had a] little bit of nerves, but the more I moved and got into the game and starting moving around, I felt a lot better, so it was good,"

"I think the one (goalscoring chance) I got in the box where he passed it to me, I was making the plays in my head before I actually got the ball so that's what I'm saying, I have to learn and understand. I will get better. It's just time and training and I will get better."

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