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Yuzuru Hanyu: 'I cannot ride a bicycle'

Double Olympic champion reveals surprising secret

Yuzuru Hanyu has made a startling admission.

He may be a master on the ice, with insane levels of poise, technique, athleticism and artistry all wrapped into his slight frame.

But put him on two wheels and Hanyu is likely to fall over.

The double Olympic champion took part in a celebration for PyeongChang 2018 athletes on Thursday, organised by the Japanese Skating Federation.

It was there that Hanyu made his surprising revelation.

"I cannot ride a bicycle," Yuzuru told his fellow skaters.

Although he has used a stationary one for rehabilitation and fitness work, the 'Ice Prince' has never ventured out on a real, two-wheeled version.

Ambitious targets

Hanyu has also been confirmed in the list of elite Japanese figure skaters who will compete in the 2018/19 season.

The 23-year-old is still slowly recovering from the ankle injury that nearly ruled him out of the Olympics.

Hanyu suffered ligament damage last November, prior to winning PyeongChang gold, but has set himself some incredibly ambitious targets.

"There are things I still need to improve or perfect as a skater," he said.

When asked specifically about jumps, he replied:

"I will try to land the four and a half rotations and if I succeed, I would like to attempt a quintuple jump."

That would propel him to something no figure skater has ever achieved before.

The Japanese has previously recognised that the challenge "may be impossible", but it is something he is willing to attempt.

Perhaps only after he has conjured an unprecedented jump with five rotations, will he get to grips with revolutions on a bike.

Quads and more

Hanyu has previously commented on the 'quad-crazy' nature of his sport.

On the back of an Olympic Games which saw Nathan Chen make history with six quads included in his routine, Hanyu gave some insight into his approach to quads.

"If you have more quads that's better. And if you can do more variety, that's event better. And if all of your jumps are quads, you will be unbeatable."

His coach Brian Orser has also backed Hanyu to become the first man to land a quadruple axel.

"He always needs to have a something. A something to try to achieve," the Canadian explained.

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