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Birthday boy Yuzuru Hanyu to become the king of karaoke too?

Olympic figure skating champion spotted belting out Japanese rock anthems with perfect timing.

Injury may have prevented him from celebrating his birthday with a performance at the Grand Prix finals, but as Yuzuru Hanyu turns 24 (on December 7th), it's clear that his talent knows no bounds.

Double Olympic figure skating champion, Japanese role model, and now… singing supremo?

Hanyu has been spotted belting out anthems from Japanese rock band Rhythmic Toy World before performing at his recent ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating events in Moscow and Helsinki.

If anyone was thinking that life would balance such a prodigiously talented athlete with tone-deaf singing abilities, think again.

Disclaimer: Without actually hearing the skater’s voice it’s difficult to discern if his singing matches his on-point visual performance. But Hanyu does seem to possess perfect vocal timing to the dubbed-over track, which is hardly surprising given his precision movements to music on ice.

Hanyu's new harmony?

The video went viral, and it wasn't long before the band were actually watching Yuzuru lip-syncing their track.

Hanyu is one of Japan's most famous faces and the sight of him crooning must have significantly boosted their sales. No wonder they look excited!

Maybe he'll be tempted to go for some rock-style choreography to this song in a future performance.

Music important to Winnie too

It has become customary to see Winnie the Pooh toys rain down on Hanyu following his performances, as the bear is his lucky charm.

This made for a particularly memorable PyeongChang 2018 moment when the ice became flooded with miniature yellow bears.

When the Winnie the Pooh story was adapted into one of Disney's most successful franchises ever, it was accompanied with a catchy tune at the start.

So it totally makes sense that Hanyu loves his music, but Winnie's theme tune might not be quite so motivating for him before a performance.

What does Hanyu do with all those Winnie the Poohs?

Whenever Yuzuru Hanyu completes his routine, fans shower the ice with Winni...

Hanyu’s results on the rink this season have made for more familiar viewing.

The new pre-routine ritual led him to two comfortable victories (despite injuring his ankle in Russia), a world record, and qualification for the Vancouver finals... before he had to withdraw from the season-ending showpiece due to injury.

His legion of fans are hoping he'll be fit to return for the Japanese nationals, which start on December 20th, and be pulling out more of these moves at the World Championships in March.

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