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Sarajevo 1984
Juegos Resultados Deporte Evento
Sarajevo 1984
Figure Skating Singles
Lake Placid 1980
Juegos Resultados Deporte Evento
Lake Placid 1980
#5 Figure Skating Singles


Estados Unidos de América 
Patinaje artístico
160 cm / 5'3''
50 kg / 110 libras

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Scott HAMILTON: biografía

Scott Hamilton was an unlikely champion, as he was sickly from age two, and grew very little. He was eventually diagnosed with Schwachman-Diamond Syndrome, an intestinal disorder, but a special diet helped him overcome that, although he grew to only about 5-3 (160) and 110 pounds (50 kg) during his competitive peak. Hamilton made the 1980 US Winter Olympic team, placing fifth in Lake Placid. But for the next four years, he was the dominant skater in the world, winning four consecutive US titles, four consecutive World Championships, and never losing from 1981-84. He was a heavy favorite at the 1984 Winter Olympics and won the gold medal, although he admitted it was with less than his best performance.

After the Olympics, Hamilton turned professional, joining Ice Capades for two years. He then formed his own show, which became Stars on Ice, and toured with them through 2001. He has also worked on television as a skating analyst. Hamilton has continued to have health problems, developing testicular cancer in 1997, and in 2004 he was found to have a benign brain tumor, both of which he has successfully overcome.

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