गेम्स मेडल

खेल परिणाम खेल इवेंट
एल.ए 1984 1984
खेल परिणाम खेल इवेंट
एल.ए 1984 1984
Boxing Super-Heavyweight (>91 kilograms)

Tyrell BIGGS

संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका
195 सीएम / 6'5''
99 किग्रो / 217 पाउंड्स
जन्म तिथि
22 दिसम्बर 1960 Philadelphia, United States of America

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1 ओलंपिक गेम्स

Tyrell BIGGS जीवनी

Tyrell Biggs won the super-heavyweight gold medal at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, after winning the 1982 World Championships. In 1983 he won bronze at the Pan American Games. Biggs turned professional shortly after the Los Angeles Olympics and won his first bout over Mike Evans by decision in November 1984. Biggs fought professionally through 1998, ending with a record of 30 wins (20 by KO) and 10 losses.

Biggs never fought for a professional title but was ranked highly for much of his career. He did fight Mike Tyson, who punished him before winning by TKO in the seventh. Much of Biggs’ career and later life was hampered by problems with drug and alcohol addiction. He spent several stints in drug rehab in an attempt to overcome his problems.