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Atenas 1896
Jogos Resultados Esporte Evento
Atenas 1896
#=4 Weightlifting Unlimited, Two Hands
#AC Athletics Long Jump
#5 Athletics Triple Jump
#AC Athletics Shot Put
Artistic Gymnastics Parallel Bars, Teams
Artistic Gymnastics Horizontal Bar, Teams
#AC Artistic Gymnastics Horizontal Bar
Artistic Gymnastics Horse Vault
#AC Artistic Gymnastics Parallel Bars
#5 Artistic Gymnastics Rings
#AC Artistic Gymnastics Pommelled Horse
Wrestling Unlimited Class, Greco-Roman


159 cm / 5'3''
70 kg / 154 libras
Data de nascimento
12 mai 1869 Münster, Germany

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Carl SCHUMANN biografia

Only six athletes have competed in four Olympic sports\: three of them did so at the 1896 Olympics (with low participations), and three participated in four different skiing disciplines. The most successful of this sextet is Carl Schuhmann. The German was first and foremost a gymnast. He won three first prizes in Athens, individually in the horse vault, and twice with the German team. With the exception of rope climbing, he competed in all gymnastic events. After their return home, most team participants were excluded from the reactionary German Gymnastics Association as they were “involved in a sporting event dedicated to internationalism." The winning teams were banned from national competitions in Berlin.

His second sport was wrestling. In the small field of five, the native Berliner competed against home favorite Tsitas. The final lasted for forty minutes when it had to be postponed due to darkness setting in. The following morning, Schuhmann decided the contest in his favor, but he remained very popular with the Greek public. The tiny (1.58 m) Schuhmann further competed in weightlifting and athletics, but did not place among the first three.

The 1896 Olympics were the biggest success in Schuhmann's career, although he had several good showings at the annual German Turnfest. He did remain involved in the Olympics, visiting Athens for a second time in 1906 as a guest of honor and German team leader. Two years later, he was Germany's team attaché in London, the city where had been a gymnastics teacher since 1898. One of his pupils, Otto Bauscher, represented Great Britain at the 1908 Games. His final Olympic appearance was in 1936, when he was even part of a gymnastics exhibition and tribute in the Olympic Stadium, despite being well into his 60s.

Personal Bests: LJ – 5.70 (1896); TJ – unknown; SP – unknown.