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Helsinque 1952
Jogos Resultados Esporte Evento
Helsinque 1952
Athletics 100 metres
Athletics 4 x 100 metres Relay


Estados Unidos ds América 
173 cm / 5'8''
67 kg / 147 libras
Data de nascimento
3 jun 1931 Elmhurst, United States of America

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2 Medalhas Olímpicas

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1 Jogos Olímpicos

Lindy REMIGINO biografia

After finishing fifth in the 100y at the NCAA meet, and failing to quality for the finals at the AAU championships, Lindy Remigino surprisingly finished second to Art Bragg at the 1952 Final Olympic Trials. Remigino, a junior at Manhattan, then pulled an even more startling upset by taking the Olympic 100m title from Jamaica's Herb McKenley in the closest race in Olympic sprint history. After winning a second gold medal in the relay Remigino was not heard from again in top-class sprinting, but he maintained his interest in the sport and became one of the country's most successful high school track coaches at Hartford High School in Connecticut. Remigino was named Lindy after Charles Lindbergh.

Personal Best: 100 – 10.4 (1952).