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Jogos Resultados Esporte Evento
Albertville 1992 1992
Jogos Resultados Esporte Evento
Albertville 1992 1992
Figure Skating Singles
Calgary 1988 1988
Jogos Resultados Esporte Evento
Calgary 1988 1988
#13 Figure Skating Singles


Patinação Artística
165 cm / 5'5''
65 kg / 143 libras

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Petr BARNA biografia

The best year for Petr Barna as a competitive figure skater was probably 1992, when he won the European title and a bronze at the Olympics. In 1992 he was also the first skater to successfully land a quadruple jump at the Olympics. Before 1992, Barna, who started competing internationally in 1983, had won silvers at the 1990 and 1991 European Championships and bronze at the 1989 European Championships. At the World Championships, his best placement was fourth in 1991 and he also won the 1989 Skate Canada, the 1988 Trophée de France and the 1987 and 1990 Fujifilm Trophy. He was also an eight-time Czechoslovakian champion (1985-92). Barna turned professional after his success in 1992 and skated professionally until 2002. However, Barna has stated himself that he did not like professional skating much, because in amateur skating, it matters how you skate and perform various elements, while in professional skating, it matters how you dance, and dancing was not his strong suit. Professionally Barna skated with the Champions on Ice tour, World Cup tour, at World Professional Championships, ESPN Legends, Miko Masters and others. After retiring from skating, Barna worked as a figure skating coach.