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Игры Результат Вид спорта Дисциплина
Антверпен-1920 1920
Игры Результат Вид спорта Дисциплина
Антверпен-1920 1920
Cycling Road Race, Individual
Cycling Road Race, Team


Шоссейные гонки
Дата рождения
25 дек 1893 Chicago, United States of America

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Harry STENQVIST: биография

Harry Stenqvist was born in the United States to Swedish parents. At Antwerpen in 1920, he won the gold medal in the individual road race and also won a silver medal in the team event. He won national titles in the team event in 1912-15 and individual time trial titles in 1915 (10 km, 100 km) and 1920 (10 km). In 1916, his amateur status was questioned and at a board meeting his application for an amateur license was rejected (together with Ragnar Malm’s). However, on appeal to the Swedish Cycling Federation Stenqvist later received his license.