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Игры Результат Вид спорта Дисциплина
Гренобль 1968
Игры Результат Вид спорта Дисциплина
Гренобль 1968
Figure Skating Singles
Инсбрук 1964
Игры Результат Вид спорта Дисциплина
Инсбрук 1964
#6 Figure Skating Singles


Фигурное катание
163 см / 5'4''
50 кг / 110 фнт

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Peggy FLEMING: биография

Sixth at the 1964 Olympics, Peggy Fleming vowed she would return in 1968 to win the gold medal. She did and has since gone on to become one of the most popular professional skaters ever. Peggy Fleming first won at the 1960 Pacific Championships and her first National Senior title was in 1964. She defended that championship every year until through 1968 and won the World Championship in 1966, 1967 and 1968. After 1965, she was never again defeated. After the 1968 Olympics, silver medalist Gabriele Seyfert described her “As a skater without weaknesses... a pure ballerina.” Fleming later toured professionally with the Ice Follies, Holiday on Ice, and as a special star performer with the Ice Capades. She has made several television specials, has worked as a special commentator for televised skating competitions, and has made many commercials as a spokeswoman for various products. In addition, she has been on the President’s Council for Physical Fitness and was 1972 National Chairperson for Easter Seals. Peggy Fleming is married to Dr. Gregory Jenkins, a dermatologist, by whom she has had one son. She underwent successful surgery for breast cancer in 1998 and became a spokesperson for a number of cancer research charities.

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